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Our Founder

From our founder,

Tradition, quality of materials, and exquisite craftsmanship. And with these three standards of craft, Calisson Toys was born. 

The story of Calisson Royals began on a warm day of spring cleaning at my childhood home in the South of  France two decades ago. I had hardly begun my endeavor in the attic when a single ray of sunlight drew my attention to a small box peeking out from behind a wicker trunk. I slowly lifted the top off the box and delicately moved aside the tissue paper to reveal a pair of baby shoes. The two most beautiful little shoes, sleepily nestled together in the paper. Beneath the shoes laid a yellowed photograph of a small boy in a buttoned coat with a caption penned across the back in perfect script: “1942… Pierre, 2 years old”. These were my dad’s baby shoes. 

What I discovered that day changed the course of my life and planted the seed for Calisson Toys Collections..

The discovery of my father’s baby shoes, passing the test of time, inspired me to build a brand based on tradition and quality. 

The unexpected yet heart-warming discovery of my father’s perfectly preserved baby shoes in an attic two decades ago was the catalyst to build a brand based on tradition, quality of materials, and exquisite craftsmanship. This high standard sets Calisson apart from other kid brands, and is our promise to you of a sweet embrace.